Teaching philosophy

We have a proven track record of success to show that content-based instruction, not test-taking tips and tricks, is the best way for a student to realize significant gains on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.

That “content”, though, is the standardized test. We only uses official, previously released SAT and ACT exams in their practice. The official test content is the product of extensive research and development on the part of the College Board and ACT, producing a uniformity in the passages and questions that is exceedingly difficult for another company to replicate. Princeton Review, Kaplan, and other test prep company’s imitation practice tests are not used.

Each of us has completed, categorized, and reviewed more than a dozen forms of each test that we teach. We know these tests inside and out: the format, the question wording, the frequency of different passage and question types, and the common (and not-so-common) areas of difficulty that students encounter. Those thousands of hours of knowledge and best practices have been synthesized into just a few hours transferring that knowledge about the tests to the students, so that their test preparation is faster and less painful than if they were to embark on this journey alone, or with a less specialized and experienced tutor.

About the tutors


Mel Ingramfounded Ingram Test Prep back in 2014 upon returning from Argentina, where they cofounded and ran their first test prep company, USA Tutors Buenos Aires, for several years. Mel has earned 99th percentile scores on all the tests they teach and has over a decade of full-time experience tutoring high school and college students in a range of subjects spanning the humanities, grammar and composition, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. A graduate of Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School, New York University and student at the Unviersity of Pennsylvania, Mel knows firsthand what it takes to succeed at elite universities.


Henry Beavers has been with Ingram Test Prep since 2020.